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Alberta Seniors AVOIDing Frailty

Alberta Seniors AVOIDing Frailty

Increased longevity raises the risk for frailty, multimorbidity, and overall reduced quality of life (QoL). Today, these challenges affect about 25% of Canadians, projected to be over 30% by 2030. Fortunately, the trajectory of aging can be altered to delay and prevent frailty.

AVOID (Activity and exercise, Vaccinations, Optimization of medications, social Interaction, and Diet & nutrition) is a frailty prevention intervention developed by the Canadian Frailty Network, to help older adults

  • Be aware of their frailty concerns and delay or even reverse their progression;
  • Adopt and maintain healthy behaviours that contribute to healthy aging at home;
  • Recommend to them programs in the community that can best mitigate their frailty indicators;
  • Monitor and maintain their physical, cognitive, and mental health;
  • Connect them to people with similar interests, in a gamified context; and
  • Enhance their overall quality of life.

The AVOID intervention relies on a digital platform that educates older adults and guides them to take advantage of services in their community and adopt behavior changes that can help them live healthier and longer.

The Platform Functionalities

Our Interdisciplinary Team

Dr. Eleni Stroulia

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The team lead, Dr. Eleni Stroulia, is a Full Professor at the Computing Science Department, of the University of Alberta. Her research addresses real-world problems with digital technologies, relying on artificial intelligence and machine-learning methods.

Dr. Adriana Maria Ríos Rincón

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Dr. Adri Rincón is an Associate Professor with the Occupational Therapy Department of the University of Alberta. She is an expert in assistive technologies for increasing the level of functioning, capacity, and participation in older adults and individuals with limitations and disabilities.

Kara Allanach

Kara, a Science & Technology Consultant with 20 years of experience, is the project manager.

Dr. Victor Fernandez Cervantes

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Victor is the Founder of Virtual Gym, and is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Computing Science Department, of the University of Alberta.

Mashrura Tasnim

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Mashrura is an expert in speech analysis, and a PhD candidate at the Computing Science Department, of the University of Alberta.

Farnaz Koubasi


Farnaz is a PhD student at the Occupational Therapy Department, of the University of Alberta.

David Turner

David has more than 15 years of experience and is the project’s senior software developer, engaged with AVOID since its inception.

Vardan Saini

Vardan is an alumnus of the Computing Science department and is a software developer.

Our Publications

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More work on technology and Health

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